Egana Symbiosis


To co-ordinate coloured lights, well aimed spots, fade in graphic representation, video sequences and computer animation with a variety of music and dynamic choreography is a really demanding task. In „ SYMBIOSIS“ ISDC also worked on 6 different stages and screens. If such a big show is going to work, then absolutely everything has to match and that can only work when one person has overall control. The conception of the show, the choreography, the choice of artistes, the music and choice of costumes and the production of the show were coordinated under one management.
The name of this many sided show was “Symbiosis”. Four big names – Joop, Cerutti, Esprit and Puma – presented a joint show with their new products. ISDC presented this symbiosis in four parts using computer animation, lights and videos to blend the change from show to show. The products appear out of exploding dry ice, are uncovered by an artist suspended in the air in silk fabric, a musical interlude fills the room or a hip-hop world champion does a demonstration. The absolute highlight: a piece of jewelry seems to be presented live on a screen, changes itself into a photo and then magically materialises and becomes a necklace that is shown to the public.