International production:

The concept for the FIG gala was a journey around the world. In order that everything ran smoothly every show and every act had to be timed exactly. On the one side, the challenge for ISDC in presenting this gigantic show was in making its own choreography, choosing the right music for the performances and composing new music where necessary.

On the other side, the athletes from all over the world had to rehearse their show parts in the new choreography. That meant weeks of hard work for the ISDC on five continents practising the complex choreographies again and again not only for the shows but also for the blending of the one show into the next.

For the 125th jubilee of the International Gymnastic Federation the ISDC conjured up a completely choreographed sports show in olympic format. After the entry of the competitors from all over the world, the athletes form messages and symbols with their bodies. They then move over to a fascinating journey through the five continents. Olympic champions and world champions from all over the world show breathtaking feats typical of their countries from sports that are partly or completely unknown to us. Every scene interacts smoothly with the next scene, fantastic costumes, exotic lighting and show effects enchant the audience right up to the magnificent finale with all 155 participants.