S&G Events


100% performance:

In order to organise this journey into space ISDC arranged everything from equipment to catering.

Original costumes from the Star-Trek films, astronaut suits from the NASA, a star chef for the catering, cocktails and canapés and the complete menu designed in silver and blue. ISDC also planned the design of the room and the installation of the lasers and lights. A further challenge was the positioning of the show equipment and the show area: the guests should all have the feeling of being in the middle of the front row but still be able to relax and enjoy the exquisite menu.

For the inauguration of the most modern car sales rooms in Germany ISDC “beamed” the visitors directly into the future. They were greeted by astronauts, went through a mystic laser tunnel into the atmosphere lounge where aliens and the Star-Trek crew served futuristic style cocktails. Then the new rooms were lit up with countless advertisement spots, the artistes whirled around and right in the middle the guests could enjoy their menu from the star chef.